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Servicing Department Training

Servicing Department Training

The Servicing Department is the department in Golden Hammer Roofing that receives the project from account managers in the field. This training is designed to cover all the aspects including duties and responsibilities of a Servicing Department specialist.

Private Course
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Responsible Erick KTLLC
Last Update 01/03/2022
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  • Welcome To The Servicing Department
    • An Introduction to The Servicing Department
  • Handling Project Files
    • HO Welcome Call and File Review
    • Confirming The Contract/AOB
    • Realtor Involved Procedure
    • Creating Tasks
    • Sharing Documents Procedure
  • Project Repeating Tasks
    • HO 7-Day Update
    • Handling Claim Status Updates
  • Project Status Procedures
    • Claim Approved - Bought Procedure
    • Claim Denied Short Paid Procedure
    • Attorney Status Procedure
  • Post-Approval Related Procedures
    • Finalized Numbers Procedure
    • ACV Check Procedures
  • Production Related Procedures
    • Postponing Build Date Procedure
    • Build Ready Status Procedure
  • Handling Homeowners
    • Single Person Communication
    • HO Not Responding Procedure
    • HO Delivering To Office
  • The Final Steps: Production and Billing
    • What To Do When HO Withholds Payment
    • HO Holiday Decorations Procedure
  • Emergency Procedures
    • Emergency Tarping
    • Emergency Situations
  • A Little More You Need To Know
    • Common Servicing Department Q&As
  • Recap Quiz
    • Servicing Department Procedure Recap Quiz
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