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North Florida Roofing Experts

With seasonal weather upon us, many home and business owners are looking toward quality north Florida roofing for their homes and businesses. However, many fly by night roofing contractors are one the prowl, searching to provide less than quality roofing in North Florida. You must be vigilant, and protect your home or business from these shoddy roofing contractors. Select a north Florida roofing company like Golden Hammer Roofing, established in 1980 and accredited by the BBB, they have provided quality north Florida roofing and customer service for years. Here are some tips for finding your north Florida roofing contractor.

Expert Roof Replacement
Expert Roof Replacement
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Selecting a North Florida Roofing Company

Finding a trustworthy, quality north Florida Roofing contractor requires you do research. Look for a company that has years in the business, like Golden Hammer Roofing. With over 35 years in business, Golden Hammer Roofing has built a stellar reputation, providing quality north Florida roofing in a timely manner with a fair price. Their roofing services include both commercial and residential roofing. This north Florida roofing company has many references. Finding a house they have roofed to examine is easy.

A quality north Florida roofing company will ensure the roofing materials are the correct color and style. They pull all the necessary roofing permits, and go over all the safety regulations required while the job is in process. They protect your greenery such as shrubs, flower beds and trees from roofing debris, covering them before the job begins to ensure they aren’t damaged during the north Florida roofing process.

Instead of using the traditional three-tab starters, a quality north Florida roofing company uses a starter strip that can hold up in severe weather. Additionally, a quality north Florida roofing company will use a magnet to make sure any dropped nails are picked up, keeping your home or business hazard free during and after the north Florida roofing process.

Important North Florida Roofing Company Details

Another indication you’re hiring a high quality north Florida roofing company is that they will be licensed, bonded, insured, and accredited, like Golden Hammer Roofing. Even hiring the absolute best contractor cannot guarantee an accident free roofing experience. Hiring a north Florida roofing company that has your back covered, as well as their own, ensures that should the unexpected occur, any damage or injury from it won’t become a problem. Having your roof done is a big undertaking so hiring a top quality north Florida roofing company reduces stress.

Hiring a quality north Florida roofing company will provide you with a high quality roof for your home or business, and everything goes as smoothly as possible. A quality north Florida roofing contractor will protect your home and yard, cleaning at every stage to keep it hazard and debris free so your home won’t become dangerous or an eyesore during the roofing process. They will discuss every aspect of the process with you, pull all the permits, provide a quality roof at a reasonable price, finishing in a timely fashion. The expert roofers at Golden Hammer Roofing in north Florida check all these boxes and more, providing accurate quotes and superior roofing services.

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