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Metal Roofing

At Golden Hammer Roofing, we understand that choosing the type of material for a new roof on your Northeast Florida home or commercial property is a big decision. We believe that metal roofing is an attractive option for a variety of reasons that we discuss below.

Durable Enough to Withstand Any Weather Condition

In a state where hurricanes are an all-too-common occurrence, you need to know that your roof won’t blow off or sustain significant damage in a storm. Besides its long lifespan, one of the most impressive things about metal roofing is that it can stay intact with winds of up to 140 miles per hour.

Another thing to consider with metal roofing is that it doesn’t require the same frequent maintenance as other types of roofing material. Even so, it’s a good idea to arrange an annual roof inspection to determine if your metal roofing materials need repair.

Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Do you feel frustrated when you receive your electric bill each month? You’re doing everything you can to lower your electricity use, yet the bills only seem to get higher. Perhaps you have never considered that the type of roofing material covering your home or business makes a big difference when it comes to energy efficiency. Because metal roofing reflects radiant heat, it can reduce the cost of cooling in Florida by at least 10 percent and as much as 25 percent.

Improved Safety

If lightning strikes your home or business or a fire breaks out, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your metal roofing. It will not spark or ignite into flames itself even if the rest of the structure has caught fire.

Made from Recycled Materials

It surprises many people to learn that metal roofing contains between 25 and 95 percent recycled materials. The exact amount depends on the materials the manufacturer uses when creating the metal roofing. From an environmental standpoint, the most exciting thing about metal roofing is that it’s completely recyclable should the residential or commercial property owner choose to replace it. This is huge since many types of roofing, such as shingle tear-offs, generate millions of pounds in waste that sit in landfills for decades before fully decomposing.

Metal Roofing is Known for its Longevity

When you choose metal roofing material, you probably won’t need to replace your roof in your lifetime. That is because the average lifespan for metal roofing is 40 to 70 years. This can also make an excellent selling point if you decide to sell your home or commercial property later. This durability is several times what you can expect from an asphalt roof with a typical lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

Ready for a Quote on Your Next Metal Roofing Project?

Golden Hammer Roofing is happy to offer free quotes to anyone interested in replacing their current roofing with metal roofing or those involved with new construction. Please contact us to request an in-person estimate and to learn more about the process of installing metal roofing.

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