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Golden Hammer Roofing: Your Experts on the Claims Process

Filing insurance claims can seem daunting at first, but if you tackle each step carefully and get help from us, the process can go very smoothly. The key is to thoroughly understand the protocol. Here at Golden Hammer Roofing, we are experts in the insurance restoration process, with a team that’s happy to help in the event your roof experiences damage from wind or hail.

Insurance Claim

Call your insurance carrier’s claims office rather than your insurance agent. You will then get a claim number and an adjuster assigned to you. Call us to provide the adjuster’s name, contact information, and scheduled appointment day and time. It’s our job to negotiate with the insurance carrier for a fair insurance settlement so that you get the highest quality roofing replacement possible.

Damage Assessment

Tell the claims adjuster you want your roofing contractor to attend the meeting. It’s important that we be there at the time of inspection so we can make our own assessment. The inspector will take photos and measurements of the roof to document everything.

Fair Settlement

After the inspection, you will get a claim summary outlining the cost of repairs. Let us know the amount of the claim summary so we can compare it to our own assessment. If there is a difference, we will negotiate that difference with the insurance company for you.


You should get the initial check with the claim summary. You’ll have to get a signature from your mortgage company before depositing. You may even need additional paperwork from them too. All of this may take up to a week and a half. The funds will need to be available so you can pay us to begin the roof replacement.


We will get to work installing your new roof once we get the first insurance check, deductible and insurance loss statement.

Recovering Depreciation

After installation, we will let the insurance company know the job is complete and provide them with your signed certificate of satisfaction and completion. At this time, we will request the release of funds. You may get a call from your insurance company to confirm the job was done, at which time they will send out the last check.

Final Payment

We will ask for the final amount due on the roof after the last insurance check and mortgage company endorsements have been received. Golden Hammer Roofing is happy to give you a 30-day grace period from roof installation to make the final payment.

Call us today to learn more about this process and how we can assist in filing your roofing insurance claims.

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