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Unfortunately, catastrophic events can and do happen to homes, typically through natural causes such as powerful storms. In the event you suffer roof damage from a hail storm or hurricane (very common in Florida!), you will need to file a claim for roof damage or replacement. How do you know what to do? Check out Golden Hammer Roofing’s Guide to Disaster Recovery.

  1. Report the claim to your insurance company and get a claim number. An adjuster will get in touch with you shortly to schedule a property damage assessment.
  2. Call Golden Hammer Roofing to let us know of this appointment, as we want to be present on the day of the inspection.
  3. Remember, your insurance company is the one that determines the amount paid, not us.
  4. Sign an authorization form that gives us permission to communicate with your insurance company about your claim.
  5. You will get an itemized account (Adjuster’s Claim Summary) from your insurance adjuster of everything that needs to be repaired or replaced. Fax a copy to us so we know a fair settlement is being reached.
  6. If the adjuster’s summary is not sufficient to cover the expense of quality roof replacement, we will negotiate the amount you truly deserve.
  7. Checks from the insurance company are written to you, your mortgage company and Golden Hammer Roofing.
  8. The first check is the actual cash value of your loss. This is to be paid to GHR and we will buy the appropriate materials and pull a city permit for your job.
  9. We meet with inspectors during the process to ensure compliance with best practices and city ordinances.
  10. Upon completion (usually two days) we notify the inspector and meet onsite for the final inspection
  11. Our crews will clean up using large heavy magnets to {sweep} your driveway, lawn and landscaping for the nails that may have gotten away. We then have the dumpster removed and the re sweep the area under the dumpster.
  12. We provide you with the final inspection notice that is issued by the city inspector. At this time you sign a certificate of satisfaction and completion.
  13. Before and after photos of your roof are sent to your insurance company they will send to you a check for the hold back or the depreciation. This is our final payment.
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